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Football All Decade Team Winners

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Here are the final votes that we gathered from the website & all of our soical media outlets. We took the top vote getters from each position & listed them below.  The team is made up of the highlighted players below & those others included make up our honorable mentions!  Thanks once again for voting and the continued support of 302 Sports and more importantly these athletes.



  1. Nolan Henderson: Smyrna 
  2. Darius Wade: Middletown           
  3. Troy Haynes: Woodbridge            
  4. Jamie Jarmon: Indian River          
  5. Drew Fry: Middletown                    

Running Back 

  1. Colby Reeder: Sallies    
  2. Will Knight: Smyrna      
  3. Kani Kane: Sussex Tech
  4. Jabre Lolley: St Mark’s                  
  5. Jamon Kane:   Woodbridge           
  6. Wendall Smallwood: Red Lion       

Wide Receiver  

  1. Chris Godwin: Middletown          
  2. Quadree Henderson: A.I. Dupont
  3. Andre Patton: St Elizabeth         
  4. Nick Johnston: Middletown                        
  5. Gabe Wescott: Woodbridge                
  6. Isaiah Barnes: Sussex Central

Tight Ends    

  1. Brian O’Neill: Salesianum   
  2. Kyle Carter: William Penn                            
  3. Brock Keeler: Woodbridge            
  4. James Rendle: St. Elizabeth                    
  5. Frank Burton: William Penn                          

Offensive Line   

  1. Evan Mulrooney: Salesianum 
  2. Jacob Smulski: Middletown    
  3. Saleem Wormley: Smyrna     
  4. Randy Sinnott: Salesianum   
  5. Conor Furey: Archmere                       
  6. Jake Quinn: St Mark’s                 
  7. Kyle Cathers: Salesianum                    


Defensive Line    

  1. Frank Burton: William Penn         
  2. Logan Montgomery: Salesianum  
  3. Mitch Moyer:  Archmere              
  4. Shymere Vessels: Woodbridge     
  5. Sean Murphy:  St Mark’s                          
  6. Grant Roberts: Concord                
  7. Jacob Brinker: Middletown            


  1. Troy Reeder: Salesianum          
  2. Debo Williams: Smyrna            
  3. Kedrick Whitehead: Middletown 
  4. Bilal Nichols: Hodgson                           
  5. Avery Roberts: Concord              
  6. Eric Patton: St. Elizabeth               

Defensive Backs  

  1. Darnell Savage: Caravel      
  2. Colby Reeder: Salesianum   
  3. Rasheen Caulk: Salesianum 
  4. Taylor Reynolds: Newark     
  5. Isiah Gaynor: William Penn
  6. Rasheed Teasley: Ceasar Rodney 

Special Teams


  1. Hunter Simmons: Cape Henlopen/Salesianum
  2. Jacob Jaworski: Wilmington Friends School      
  3. Cooper Urban: Salesianum


  1. Sean Smith: Salesianum
  2. Cooper Urban: Salesianum
  3. Ryan Nelson: Delmar

Kick Returner/Punt Returner     

  1. Will Knight: Smyrna                    
  2. Quadree Henderson:  A.I. Dupont 
  3. Corahn Alleyne: Delaware Military Academy
  4. Leddie Brown:  Smyrna                      

Thanks for everyones participation! 
302 Sports Team
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