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Volleyball All Decade Team Winners

302sports 1,216 May 5

Here are the final votes that we gathered from the website & all of our soical media outlets. We took the top vote getters from each position & listed them below.   The highlighted players make up the team, while others listed earn our honorable mention honors!  Thanks again for your support of 302 Sports & these athletes!


  1. Julia Kochie: Archmere 
  2. Jess Molen: Padua 
  3. Emily Jarome: Padua 
  4. Dani Nathan: Wilmington Friends 
  5. Taylor Wright: Ursuline 
  6. Maddie Sachs: Tower Hill 
  7. Patreece Spence: Archmere 
  8. Savannah Seemans: St. Mark's     
  9. Lauren Talley: St. Mark's           
  10. Jessica Charlier: St. Georges  


  1. Abby Kates: Archmere 
  2. Lauren Edminston: Archmere 
  3. Jadyn Elliott: Wilmington Friends 
  4. Kody Dillion: Caravel               
  5. Corinne Furey: Ursuline               
  6. Jen Borio: Padua                         


  1. Sydney Fulton: Delaware Military Academy 
  2. Cassidy Markell: Ursuline 
  3. Claudia Seemans:  St. Mark's 
  4. Alyssa Nathan: Wilmington Friends         
  5. Emma Lucey: Padua        
  6. Erin Derick: St. Mark's          

Defense Specialist  

  1. Kirsten Longueria: Delaware Military Academy 
  2. Maddie Judge: Padua 
  3. Hannah Wright: Archmere 
  4. Lindsay Henzes: Ursuline        
  5. Sam Davis: Ursuline            
  6. Sarah Pritchard: Padua     

Serve Specialist 

  1. Morgan Mendick: Red Lion 
  2. Sydney Davis: Ursuline 
  3. Emily Jarome: Padua 
  4. Maddie Sachs: Tower Hill      
  5. Julia Kochie: Archmere             
  6. Carli Covington: Delmar          
Thanks 302Sports Team