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All Decade Girls Basketball Team Winners

302sports 650 May 13

Here are the final votes that we gathered from the website & all of our soical media outlets. We took the top vote getters from each position & listed them below.  The team is made up of the highlighted players below & those others included make up our honorable mentions!  Thanks once again for voting and the continued support of 302 Sports and more importantly these athletes.


                         (Kulesza L, Cannon R)

  1. Julie Kulesza: Conrad 
  2. Dania Cannon: Cape Henlopen 
  3. Adrianna Hahn: Ursuline 
  4. Olivia Tucker: Sanford 
  5. Ber’Nyah Mayo: St. Elizabeth 
  6. Claudia Seemans: St Mark’s 
  7. Maggie Connolly: Ursuline 
  8. Emma McCann: Archmere 
  9. Alisha Lewis: Ursuline 
  10. Lauren Park: Sanford 


                                        (Kulesza L, Kubek C, Denning R)

  1. Stefanie Kulesza: Conrad 
  2. Allie Kubek: Sanford 
  3. Amanda Denning: Archmere 
  4. Alanna Speaks: St. Elizabeth 
  5. Alex Thomas: St. Elizabeth 
  6. Kailyn Kampert: Ursuline 
  7. Mary Abram: Ursuline 
  8. Kendra Warren: Sanford/Caravel 
  9. Grace Lange: Caravel 
  10. Caroline Davis: Caravel 


  1. Michelle Kozicki: Padua 
  2. JaNylah Whittlesey: Conrad 
  3. Abbey Hearn: Cape Henlopen 
  4. Catherine McGonigal: Archmere 
  5. Sabrina Hackendorn: St Elizabeth’s 

Thanks for everyone's participation 
302 Sports Team