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Summer Baseball will be Played in 2020

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The Summer Instructional League was created in about 16 days. The ambassador for the league is Tripp Keister, a local baseball star who starred at McKean High School then University of Delaware after college he played in the Minor leagues for a few years. Mr Keister is the current Head Coach of the Potomac National Minor League team and has been for the last 9 years. Since all baseball has been shut down from the COVID-19 Pandemic, Trip wanted to see what he could get started to help all the players who missed out on their final season of school or club ball. That was when the Summer Instructional League was created. 

When we asked Tripp about the league & why he was putting it together he simply said "they needed it". The teams are going to consist of some high school players & some college players which will be split in two divisions (College & High School). As of right now there are 8 teams that were assembled in the short period of time that will all be in action on Monday June 15th below you will see a schedule of where & when these teams will be playing. We will also be live streaming the game this Monday at Frawley Stadium the link is posted below for that game as well. 

Tune in live Monday for more information about the players, the teams, & the new rules the league will be playing by due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Schedule for Monday June 15th:

College Division 

Delco Express vs Stahl Baseball Club @ Wilson Field- 6:00 

Titus vs. Post 1 Baseball Club @ St. Mark's - 6:00 

Lockdown Legends vs. Covid All Stars @ Frawley Stadium- 6:00 LINK

High School Division

Stahl Baseball HS vs Delco Express HS @ Tatnall- 6:00

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