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Postgame Quotes: Wake Forest 12, West Virginia 8

Postgame quotes following the Demon Deacons 12-8 win over West Virginia on Sunday, June 4

Postgame quotes following the Demon Deacons 12-8 win over West Virginia on Sunday, June 4

June 4, 2017

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Winston-Salem Regional
Postgame Quotes
Game 6
Wake Forest 12, West Virginia 8

Wake Forest Head Coach Tom Walter
Opening Statement:
First and foremost, hats off to West Virginia on a great year. They're just such a well coached, gutty ball club. I don't think we played a team this year that was tougher than they were and they just kept coming and coming and coming. I'm just so proud of our guys that we were able to respond. This game today was kind of like a heavyweight prize fight. It was punch and counter punch early in the game. Stu's home run, I just can tell you, that was a huge momentum swing. They had cut it to 10-6, had the huge pick off with first and third with one out, to get to two outs. Then Stu homers to get us to 12-6 and it just changed the momentum. Then Colin Peluse came in and nine up, nine down, just pounding the zone with his fastball on both sides. So, those two guys were the difference. Colin calmed the game down, then Stu got the momentum back for us. Then obviously Griff was Griff. You know, I'll take my chances in any situation with that guy on the mound, he's just tough as nails. Griffin last year threw nine innings or whatever it was and didn't throw an inning the last two months of the season. Colin Peluse is coming off Tommy John surgery. He didn't pitch his senior year in high school. Those two guys to come from where they were a year ago and to get us to this position, I'm just so proud of them.

On the support of the team:
It's been just awesome You know, it was such a buzz in the stadium all weekend with people tailgating. It's what's beautiful about college baseball and quite honestly and college athletics in general. Just that excitement and living and dying on every pitch, it was just a really special environment. Winston-Salem came out in droves this weekend. They were a big part of these wins, especially yesterday's. The crowd was a huge part of that game and they helped us bring that home.

Wake Forest Sophomore Pitcher Griffin Roberts
On finishing the game:
I'm kind of used to having the high leverage situations. Having the opportunity to go to the Super Regional for the first time in 18 years, it's the best feeling in the world. Having everybody on your back like that, and actually doing it, is great.

On his nerves:
I think one thing I've worked on this year is being able to control that. Absolutely, every time you're the guy out there you're going to have butterflies in your stomach. If you don't have them, your probably not going to pitch well. I think the key to being able to pitch well at this level, is to be able to control that. Just going out there and using that adrenaline to propel you to do well is the key.

Wake Forest Junior Outfielder Stuart Fairchild
On the two home runs
The grand slam, there was one out at the time, so I wasn't trying to do too much. I was thinking worst case scenario, get a ball in the air and get a sac fly. Luckily I got a good bit of it and it went out of the park. Then, the two-run shot, I was thinking the same thing, not try to do too much. He left a ball kind of on the outer third, a fastball, and I just put a good swing on it and luckily it went out.

Wake Forest Freshman Pitcher Colin Peluse
On his performance
It felt good to be a part of this. I know this team has worked very hard, the seniors they have had rough years in the past, and for them to work up to this and win this regional, it's great for them. I'm happy to be a part of it. During the game, I think I had my fastball command working the best. I was just beating barrels with that and that's how I was able to get guys out.

West Virginia Head Coach Randy Mazey
Opening Statement:
"I'm proud of my team. This team will probably go down in history as one of the best ever at West Virginia for what we accomplished this year. To do it without the pitchers we lost, it's incredible that we got as far as we did and that so many players stepped up and fill the roles when we needed them to. We literally used every guy on the team the last month of the season in order to get where we are. I think our guys showed a lot of heart and tenacity. There are are a lot of Mountaineer everywhere that are super proud of our team. I think we made a lot of Mountaineer baseball fans that weren't Mountaineer baseball fans prior to this year. This is a statement about our program and where it's going and the direction it's headed. We've got us a baseball program that we can be super proud of. We have a great facility and a great administration and a lot of fan support. This isn't the end. It is the end for two of our players but this isn't the end for an outstanding baseball program."

On battling back:
"That was a difference in the bullpens. Every guy they ran out is a really good pitcher. That guy can really beat your bats. They got a shutdown guy at the end that can shut anybody down and their lineup is scary. That's a really good team across the board. We kept answering. Then the game fell asleep there for about an hour and a half and waited for something to wake us up. We scored two and had an opportunity to score some more there. When you fall asleep there, usually the other team scores and has an advantage down the stretch. I thought we had a chance to win. That's all we had to do when we got here is have a chance to win and I thought we did that today."

On Stuart Fairchild:
"They won't let us put our outfielders outside that fence. If they would let us do that today, that's where we would play that guy. That guy in this ballpark is ridiculously scary. We're going to watch that kid play in the big leagues as long as he stays healthy. I don't know his personality. He looks calm, cool, collected, great worker, he plays the game the right way and his skills are unbelievable. That guy's hard to get out."

Senior Infielder Jackson Cramer
On his time at West Virginia and the Coach Mazey’s building process:
“The thing that stood out most to me was that we lost two of our best pitchers. And the fact that we had guys step up to get us to the place that we are in now is pretty incredible. At the time, we didn't expect that. It was good to see how that played out over his time. It was fun to watch that happen."

On if battling back is symbolic of West Virginia baseball:
"I believe so. We've had some tough games over the years. We could have easily given up and come back to win. Our first game today was kind of like that. I guess other teams feel like they are going to win but we kept fighting and I think that's gotten us to this point. We keep scoring runs late in this game. That's just how we play."

Senior Pitcher Jackson Sigman
On pitching in the NCAA Tournament:
"It was an incredible feeling. It's something I've always worked towards and always wanted to get to. For it to be today, it was just an unbelievable feeling to go out there and to help my team try and play another game and to keep playing until I get asked for the opportunity to help this team out and keep playing."

On if battling back is symbolic of West Virginia Baseball:
"Coach Mazey told us about one and a half to two months ago that we were going to get to this point in the season if we gave a lot of effort. We compete every time and don't take any inning, any pitch, any play off. I can whole-heartedly say that until the last out today we competed up at the plate, on the mound and with guys stepping up. It was an incredible season. I think it's very indicative of the guys on the roster coming back for next season too."



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