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  • Description: Youth Basketball League

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  • Year established: 2013
  • League History: Above the Rim basketball league is the realized vision of the BCA KIdz Club. This dynamic group of young people from the Browntown Community wanted to engage their peers who needed a positive outlet that would divert their attention from the streets. The members knew that a basketball league would be successful among the teens in their neighborhood and they committed to bringing the league about.

    In the fall of 2013, the BCA Kidz Club identified stakeholders to help them bring the league into fruition. A combination of civic groups, businesses, political figures, police and parents, helped the BCA Kidz Club structure and obtain financing the league. Aja Labrador then a junior and Kristen Coleman a freshman in highschool spearheaded the initiative . It was their hope to recruit at least 50 young boys to play. The season began with 84 players!

    The mission statement of the BCA Kidz Club says it all “ To empower youth to be leaders and restore safety by engaging young people in activities and developing mentors in the community”. That mission was embodied in Above the Rim as the league became more than just basketball. The boys are required to follow strict codes of conduct, give some time to community service, and respect everyone in the building at all times. In addition, the Kidz Club charged for technicals: $10 is the fine assessed that must be paid before an player can re enter a game if they are benched for disrespecting a referee.

    The results, a well run organization where we now have young men improving their grades in school, engaging more positively with the community and serving as coaches for the elementary age youth. Moreover, Above the Rim serves as a tool bring Police and players together to get to know each other and experience each other as teammates as they play with each other in our annual all-star game.

    Over 120 players are experiencing the opportunity to coached in basketball but mentored in life by a dedicated staff of coaches and volunteers. The games are exciting and the boys truly look forward to displaying their skills on the court. It is all thanks to kids in the community who saw a need for their peers and truly worked hard to make it happen
  • Administrators: Aja Labrador
    Kristen Coleman
    Bernadette Evans
  • What type of sports are in your League?: Basketball
  • Teams in your League: TBA
  • Divisions: 10-18yrs old
  • Sponsors: Applied Bank